Thursday, April 17, 2014

23 weeks

Feeling BIG! 

Starting to get lots of "you must be about to pop type comments" so I must really be getting out there. Had a few days of major soreness in my stomach from them kicking away in there. 

We are getting close to finalizing names. Almost finished with my office and then we can shift to their room. Things are moving along and yet my to-do list keeps growing as well. It keeps me busy and mentally occupied. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

22 weeks

On days when I am about to pull my hair out in frustration over wanting more time to do the things I have in my heart, and spending less time on the things that must be done but take all my time, I look down and get a reminder of the miracle of new life growing inside me. 

It reminds me to live in each moment. Sometimes quality over quantity will have to do and I have to do better at accepting that fact. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

A+ parenting tip

Hayden: dad, preslyn just called me an underpit (this is what they call their underarms)

Bj: well, you're being one. 

I could barely stifle my laughter .

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

This months book review is on The Memory Child by Steena Holmes.  I've read a couple of her other books  and she is a wonderful author that sweeps you in and unveils the story slowly, saving an emotional twist for last.

The Memory Child did not disappoint. It tells a story of love and loss with a twist. 

The story begins with Diane and Brian who have longed for a child for 12 years. Finally they become pregnant at the same time as Diane receives a major promotion.

Fast forward a year later, Diane is returning to work and life as a working mother with the help of friends and colleagues but slowly starts to realize that the absence of her husband may not be what it seems. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring and ELLIE

Wow I think our unending winter has been kicked to the curb with this blast of pollen. It is everywhere on everything and with it has come some warmer temps but nothing substantial. The girls are still having to dress in multiple layers each day.

We took them to the Ellie Goulding concert and it was a blast. It was each of their first concert experience and what fun memories were made! 

My bestest and Bj teamed up for my birthday to get tickets for me and all the kiddos to see her and we have been anxiously counting down the days since Dec. 

When we walked into the venue Hayden's eyes grew to the size of basketballs and she looked at me and said "this is a dream come true, mom" 

Of course we couldn't leave without some Ellie merch. The girls danced and sang their hearts out to every song! 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Guest Post and an annoucement

This is a guest post from my husband. He put into words so well what we were feeling today and I wanted to remember it.

My God and my girl make me a very happy man. I remember like it was yesterday, sitting at a table with Lindsay Munson at Maggianos and seeing a large Italian family sitting across from us laughing, talking, full of joy and love for one another. They had 5 or 6 kids. So much life was being had. That was the first time I really had ever had a desire for a large family. I remember telling Lindsay that night how we should have a large family. We only had Hayden at the time. We laughed and dismissed it. A little while later a movie called The Family Stone came out and reminded us of those desires.

Funny how God plants desires in you that you don't recognize. Man plans his ways.... I was always good with the thought of having 2 kids before the moment at the restaurant. Then we were surprised with having twin girls and I couldn't have been happier. It was a very tough road bringing those 2 in the world. I was amazed at Lindsay's strength to walk through what she had to at the hospital while being separated from Hayden and I. Then the journey while the twins were in the hospital for months. Now they are amazingly healthy and happy. I was great with the family we had been given.

Then surprise! We are blessed with not 1 but 2 new additions. Finding out today that we will have 2 sons is an incredible feeling. Again, I was perfectly happy with my girls and didn't realize the desire until it was revealed today. Yes, I always wanted a son but my life did not feel incomplete if I didn't have one. Now the girls get brothers like they wanted and according to Hayden I have now been blessed with sons that will actually like to play and watch sports with me as well as I now have company in the bathroom at restaurants that I have desperately been needing. 

I am so honored of what God has given us. Lindsay, I am so glad to have this amazing family with you. We have been through so much in our short lives together. I am so proud to have you by my side. The look of joy on your face today when we found out we were having sons was priceless. You deserve all the desires of your heart. So happy this one came through for you, us and our family.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coping mechanism

Well to say that this time around has been different would be putting it lightly. I have been sick since the moment that stick said "pregnant" it seems. My normal "go go go"attitude has been greatly diminished into a "just make it through the day" substitute. I don't even know my own self these days.

I was thrilled to hit that second trimester mark and notice the almost immediate shift in energy and nausea. My tummy popped and I look like a pregnant person. So I took on the world that first week. Cleaning out cabinets, closets, conquering the insane stack of mail that I had shoved under my bed and trying to find myself under the piles of to do's that had stacked up figuratively and literally. I was rockin and rollin. I should have known better than to get really serious and start digging through boxes in the garage. Two days later--full on sinus infection set in and back to bed I went. Ugh!!!!! I told my mom all this does to me is make my brain work even more overtime and create more and more lists that have to be done before the babies arrive. Hello voice activated checklists on my phone!! Where was that feature when I was pregnant last time??? Resting and relaxing is not my foretay. Especially with the thought from last pregnancy of preterm hospitalization and NICU life and all that came with that. I feel like I'm in a constant prepared mode for whatever may come, though my true hope is that we make it to term without even a hiccup, I go into labor at the appropriate time and am able to do a vbac, (Vaginal birth after cesarean) and most of all that I get to bring my babies home together and immediately. 

God, I know you hear my heart cry and I know your plan will be perfect. 

So through all of this I have consciously been aware of thanking God and modern society for two key things: indoor plumbing ie. Hot water, and my wonderful bathtub. I have spent so many HOURS in that thing this year already. Truly my coping mechanism. 

I have my next appointment Tuesday and am anxious for it because then I can schedule my ultrasound! What do you think we are having?


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